The creator

 I, Kelly Bradley Scott, am the creator, manufacturer and distributer of Skosh.

As someone who has lived with eczema over 4 decades and tried every topical product, over the counter and prescribed, I got fed up. A life with your skin covered in eczema, topped off with ointments and creams, is uncomfortable to say the least.

So I set out to create a product that works best for me. Through years of trial and error I came up with what I call Skosh.

Skosh is excellent for those who have eczema, damaged skin, or just want to take a minimalist approach to skincare with a product that produces results.

>>>You're probable wondering what makes Skosh so special?<<<

For starters, unlike lotions and creams, Skosh does not contain water. Most lotions and creams are on average 50% water; the cheap and expensive kind. Take away perfumes, essential oils, and whatever other ingredients that may be undesireable or unfamiliar, the remainder of what may be potentially beneficial is less than 50%.

I don't know about you, but I want 100% of what is beneficial. That's where Skosh comes in.

>>>100% natural and with an ingredient profile you can easily identify and reasearch,<<< you will find Skosh to be far superior to any product you may find in the skincare isle of your local drug store.

I want you to experience what Skosh can do for you.

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Here is a link to a page with the GRAPHIC DETAILS of what I went through that led to the creation of SKOSH. It's deep. It's depressing. It's dark. You've been warned!!!






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